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PT. AL WIHDAH JAYA SENTOSA is a Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company which is licensed by Ministry of Manpower. Experienced for more than three decades in the Indonesian migrant worker placement industry since 1984, we have a very agile and professional management team.

Since the establishment of this company, we have expanded by building more than twenty branches throughout Indonesia. Some of our notable branches are DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Central Java, Lampung, South Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Bali. The development of branch offices is also an invaluable asset, and being able to provide professional candidates based on the needs of end users.

We continue to transform into one of the most respected and reckoned Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Companies. The entire process from recruitment, placement, and post-placement has been adjusted to Act No. 18 of 2017 concerning Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers. Of course this will have a positive impact on both Indonesian Migrant Workers and end users, as well as the government as the main regulator.

To support sustainability and also our activities in placing migrant workers, PT. AL WIHDAH JAYA SENTOSA has also built a Job Training Institute, ready to produce qualified workers who are able to meet the expectations of end users in placement countries.


Indonesia is a maritime country, has a population of more than 265 million people. A large population is of course related to a large labor force. By taking advantage of the heterogeneity of skills and demographics of the population, Indonesia will become a competent producer of Migrant Workers.

To equalize human resource development, as well as assist the government in spreading job opportunities that can be reached by the entire population, a long-term solution is needed so that it can be used as an instrument in alleviating unemployment.

PT. AL WIHDAH JAYA SENTOSA is here as a solution to answer global challenges in providing reliable and competent human resources. Able to evaluate talent, build capabilities, and also dispatch skilled Indonesian Migrant Workers according to the needs of end users.

Rights and Obligations

PT. AL WIHDAH JAYA SENTOSA participates with the government to provide protection for Indonesian Migrant Workers.

Early Protection

Starting from the stages of recruitment, dissemination of information and counseling, as well as the appointment and appointment of branch heads. Candidates will only be served by people appointed by the company to avoid brokers and extortion.

Clear Employment

The company will provide a work contract in accordance with the available work opportunities. Thus increasing the trust and protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers while working.



Provide legal guarantees and insurance while Indonesian Migrant Workers are in the country of placement by establishing laws and regulations that apply both in Indonesia and in the country of placement.


The company will accommodate the return of Indonesian Migrant Workers during the post-placement period by providing guarantees of security and protection until they arrive at their place of origin.

Recruitment Strategy

Direct Registration

Direct recruitment and registration, both at the head office and branch offices spread throughout Indonesia as a concrete form of disseminating information on valid and actual job opportunities.

Field Officer / Recruiter

Build a network of trained and professional inter-work officers, ready to reach remote areas to expand the dissemination of information on job opportunities to all corners of Indonesia.

School / Institute Cooperation

Collaborating with schools and/or educational institutions, so as to recruit skilled, reliable and competent candidates to be ready to work for end users.



To be the best company in organizing a transparent and sustainable placement service business for Indonesian Migrant Workers abroad.


Play an active role by always being trusted and reliable in human resource development; especially in the field of Manpower so that the skills, expertise, achievements and work ethic of Indonesian Migrant Workers abroad can meet global demands.

Puji Astuti

Puji Astuti

President Director
Puji Astuti


Puji Astuti

I Nengah Yasa Adi Susanto

Director of Operations

We serve a wide variety of industries for three decades. End users' trust in our services makes us bigger and growing rapidly


Commercial Shipping


Cruise Ship

Domestic Worker

Electronics & Semiconductor

Garment & Textile





Oil & Gas



Spa & Therapist

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PT. AL WIHDAH JAYA SENTOSA only provides candidates for Indonesian Migrant Workers who are reliable, qualified and competent.

We wholeheartedly serve all job orders that have been made, of course with the hope of achieving the end user's expectations.

By maintaining good relations with end users, of course along with deploying Indonesian Migrant Workers who can compete internationally.

We have dispatched thousands of people to various deployment countries

Our Headquarters

DKI Jakarta:
Jalan Danau Sunter Selatan
Ruko Mega Sunter Blok A No. 16
Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta - 14350
Phone: +62 21 651 5563
Email: admin@al-wihdah.com